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Afew years ago the cover of TIME magazine read “Whatever Happened to Service in America”.  Because we are a team of surgical care professionals dedicated to providing exceptional quality care, sensitive to the individual needs of our patients, our practice intent is to provide the exact opposite of that viewpoint. While practicing the entire range of oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS), we utilize the most advanced technologies available today to ensure the best patient outcomes. This ensures comfortable, less invasive, faster, and less expensive treatment for the best patient care and results in our beautiful, nurturing office setting.

For example, from laser treatment to “sonic” tissue creation, from removal of teeth with vibration to employing growth factors for soft tissue and bone enhancement, patient treatment is elevated as never before. From wisdom tooth removal to unique uncovering of teeth for orthodontics, service to the patient is at our forefront. Producing and exploring three dimensional (3D) digital images of our patients’ face, teeth and jaws allows us to evaluate normal and altered anatomy and provide safer, gentler precision treatment.

Dental implant treatment has been revolutionized.  Now, pre-surgical, computerized “virtual” implant positioning along with computerized “virtual” crown (tooth) creation translates into “real time” precise placement of dental implants and crowns at the time of actual surgery.  Longevity and safety have been greatly advanced and 3D imaging has made this possible.

Today, our patients may have dental implants AND teeth (crowns) in a single office visit.  Single or multiple Teeth In A Day®, as well as, All-On-4”® (complete upper or lower teeth replacement/dentures on only four implants in one appointment) is a reality.  Implants are often immediately placed at the time of tooth removal. Specifically, these “implant and tooth/crown in one appointment” procedures are possible due to digital planning. Digital planning means the tooth (crown) is “virtually” (digitally) created AND the implant placed virtually in the 3D scan of your jaw before you arrive for your surgical appointment!

Additionally, the 3D imaging also allows us to create a “guide” (OptiGuide®, NobelGuide®,  CEREC Guide ® or SICAT Surgical Guide®) for guided implant placement.  We employ the guide to precisely place the implants and crowns at your surgical appointment.  In certain cases, this may be accomplished WITHOUT a “mush” impression.  A digital intraoral camera is used to survey your teeth instead of a traditional “mold” impression.Fortunately, OMS have advanced anesthesia training, so our patients may have their desired type of anesthesia:  IV sedation, oral sedatives and/or local anesthesia.
Our office is comfortable and pleasant, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, Dr. Krueger chooses staff members who share his practice philosophy:   gentle attention to patients’ needs and desires.  You’ll find our team inviting and welcoming; many are long-term employees, who give a sense of continuity to the practice’s mission.  LISTENING to patients and UNDERSTANDING their needs is job NUMBER ONE!

Dr. Krueger and his team are also committed to refining and improving their skills through continuing education: for instance, providing his Office Manager and Insurance Specialists with yearly specialty courses to better understand and optimize your insurance benefits.  You will find we are in-network with most insurance providers. Although we are constantly utilizing technological and biologic advances, our care of and interface with our patients from the first conversation through their entire relationship is our paramount purpose.   Communication with you and your doctor is ongoing.